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Being that I usually keep to my self, most of my friends, family, and extended family do not know me very well. This presentation may be a bit shaky. Please have patience with things that may appear under-developed or trivial.

I am an over 40 -year male who has been a "good listener" for so long, that it makes it tough to be otherwise. So much of my life has been an expression of extroversion and acquired "social skills", that I have to push myself to reflect my nature and aspirations. Sometimes I think that my extroversion is a form of being too lazy to focus on dealing with my own development. After meeting so many people and encountering such a vast array of discordance found in life, it seems most appropriate to use it as a tool to learn from. That reminds me of an expression that came to mind one day...

In Accordance With Discordance

I was told once "your mind is a muscle". Seeing so many people, and their attitude toward life have inspired the thought, the mind is a muscle, use it, or loose it. In as much as we focus on our health in whatever form, it cannot be achieved without a sense of balance of our physical and mental being, as well as a balance of emotion and logic. With whatever direction we take or focus on, the weakness what we overlook or ingore will come back to bite us sooner or later.

Having been sailing over 30 years, I think that sometimes it has been a blessing, at other times an obsession, and that sailboat racing has contributed heavily to the manner with which I deal with life. One of the things that I have learned, is that the ones who make the least mistakes, usually win. Another is that if you take time to express contempt or anger over a situation, doing so is only taking time away from attaining what you are trying to achieve. Like a race, the time of your life is too important to be wasted. If you react to the moment, I believe, it is too late to deal with the circumstance at hand and that you have to act on the moment as it happens. I have a hard time getting that message across to my crew, but I look at it this way.

When you are confronted with conditions that are disruptive or a deterrent, you need to sense it coming or else suffer the consequences. If you wait until you feel the need for correction, you may find, more often that not, it is too late to react resulting in broaches, accidental jibes, turtled, and worse (I hate it when that happens). Therefore a constant scope and focus is required, even for the potential of human error, is required to get through any situation, as it arises, not afterward. I call it smooth sailing.

So many times what has been important to me, has slipped away when I was not giving it the attention necessary. I could say that I am only human, but doing so seems more like an expression of complacency and laziness. I think luck or karma has been a major factor in my life too. I try to keep some of that in the bank by planning my endeavors well enough to where little "cashing in on karma" is required. Well it just goes to show that I have to learn from my mistakes too. I should be pretty smart by now. Too bad my memory is fading with age. I guess it allows for a relearning curve.

Which reminds me of something someone once said to me.
"John, your humor is so dry, he could hardly tell that I am funny".

A Man of the World
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